Fees and Programs

For locals new to the program the first sail is only $20 which can go towards your membership if you choose to join.

Annual Membership $90.00                                                                   Single Sail                                                                                                      Members            $15.00
Non-members  $30.00

10 Sail Package prepaid (available to members only)          $130.00
20 Sail Package prepaid (available to members only)         $250.00

We will be operating for 21 weeks this summer, (May to September 2016), so all it takes is once a week to make the 20 sail package worthwhile!  Sails are 75 minutes, dock to dock.

Our new Sonar will be available to sail as well, pricing depends on group size.

Companionship – All sailors will be accompanied by a qualified instructor or an experienced volunteer until they reach the point where they are confident and capable to sail on their own.  At that point, they can invite a friend or family member to go with them.

Sailing lessons will be offered this year.  We will offer a DSA-KYC “solo sailor” certification  which would allow you to take the boat out alone or with a friend.

Racing opportunities will be available again this year, at no extra fee, just the usual sail fee.  We will set up one or two afternoons for this, depending on demand.  Once you have a bit of experience, you could also have a chance to sign up for a Wednesday evening race session, where we race alongside the KYC racing fleet.  We will be participating again in the Commodore’s Cup sailing regatta at KYC in August.  We will also be hosting the Mobility Cup September 11-15, 2017!  Experience will be a prerequisite.


Martin 16 – these are the main DSA boats, designed for one operator plus a coach.  Very secure, suitable for even the most challenging disabilities.  Can be fitted with a joystick or sip and puff to allow the sailor full control.

Sonar – a bigger boat designed to take a group of up to 6 people including any caregivers who want to come along.  Core stability is required.  People work as part of a crew and share the responsibilities of running the boat.  A coach would accompany you.

Hobie Tandem trimaran – this is more of a speed junkie type of boat where you are likely to get wet.  Core stability is required.  They can be sailed with or without a coach and can also be moved using the extra propulsion device using arms or legs.